My Life in Miles

Five weeks in, and I’ve survived the big mileage jump. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all.

The last three weeks of “my” plan were about 25 miles each, with a bit less than 25% of that consisting of “hard” miles (intervals, etc). Week five, though, had a scheduled jump to 32 miles, and I was worried.

I’ve never been a high-mileage runner (I’d rather go fast than long), only breaking the 30-mile mark a couple times since I got back in to the sport two years ago, as you can see from the chart below:

weekly miles

But part of my plan was built on the realization that I just wasn’t covering the miles I needed; fast is great, but long and slow is vital as well. I did try to soften the blow of the (totally rule-breaking) 30% jump in mileage by ensuring pretty much all those new miles were also “easy” miles. It helped. Now to add in some more quality miles.

Maybe before too long I’ll put together another chart of my 5k race times to see how it matches up to the above graph, but for the moment it’s fun just to look back at all those little blue bars and think of the many hours they represent, and more importantly the countless momentary decisions to get up early, to head out the door, and to keep going even when it hurt.


Author: Steve

Researcher of narrative and political identity. Teacher of English at South Texas College. Would-be middle distance runner.

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