A Tiny Update

I’m back to teaching–and more to the point, I’m back to grading papers–so that explains the super light posting schedule.

But, just a few quick running updates:

I’m on week 13 of my plan, which should be my first 40 mile week. The increased distance hasn’t actually been bad, but the time involved is really sucking up my free time (rhetoric research time, blog time, etc.).

The 12×400 interval session, with my current pace being just a shade under 90 sec per, with about the same rest period, is the toughest one by far. I dread those.

I’ve come to think three speed sessions per week is one too many, and that I need to replace one with a long tempo run. I’ve done a couple short tempo sessions at 5k pace + 30 sec/mile or so (2 mile, or 2×2 mile with one slow mile in between) . I think I’ll try a longer slower session. Maybe 6 miles at 10k race pace + 30 sec/mile? But I’m not sure which speed run to bump. I suppose I should rotate, but getting rid of those 400s is awfully tempting. (But no–the fact that they hurt so much likely means they’re precisely what I need.)

I’m not convinced all these long slow miles are really worth it. They add a huge chunk of distance to my totals and make the numbers look a lot better, but are they making me faster? I don’t know. Maybe they’re at least keeping me healthier, as I haven’t had an injury. Then again, maybe that’s a bit of a post-hoc fallacy right there. Hard to know. They do seem to work as recovery, at least.

The weather is finally just beginning to drop away from sweltering. Still some 80 degree/90% humidity mornings, but there are now frequent 70 degree/90% humidity mornings. I’ll take what I can get.

The plan is almost over. I have three hard weeks and a taper week left. Then two races in consecutive weeks to see if the last 16 weeks got me where I needed to be.

After that… I’m not sure. A bit more 5k training, maybe, as the weather cools. Then probably a move to a 1/2 marathon plan for the McAllen half in January. 1:42 is my time to beat. Pretty sure I can without too much trouble, since I slammed into the wall at mile ten last year.

Oh, and the rhetoric research comparing the narrative forms of Bernie & Hillary is looking like it’ll lead to some great results. But a ways to go there yet.


5k Racing as 5k Training

Thanks to two great 5k race series offers, I’ve somehow ended up registering for five races in seven weeks. And I think it’s just what I need.

There is a lot written about not racing too often, but it seems most of it—almost all of it, really—is about marathons. The 5k is seen as a beginner’s race, which is frankly ridiculous. Do we say 1500 meter runners in the Olympics are lesser athletes than 5000 meter runners? Of course not. So let’s set aside the elitism of distance over speed, and accept that part of being a runner is finding your distance.  If that’s the marathon, more power to you. And if it’s the 5k, that’s great too. (If it’s the 1500, sadly, you’re out of luck because you’ll never find track races for those between school age and Senior Olympics age, but I digress…)

For me—at least right now—the 5k is the perfect distance. It’s fast enough that I get to run fast. It’s long enough that my mediocre foot speed doesn’t kill my results. It’s short enough that I can train without neglecting the other parts of my life (husband, father, academic, time-waster, etc.). And best of all, it’s brief enough that races are fantastic training as they are productive rather than destructive. (Marathon, I’m looking at you!)

As I posted yesterday, Runner’s World suggests that one of the key training mistakes is that runners do their easy runs too hard and their hard runs too easy. So it seems to me that a 5k race—or even five of them in seven weeks—is the perfect way to make sure my hard runs are hard indeed.

Oh, and I just finished the first of those races: a bit over 21 minutes, or a rather disappointing 6:55/mile. Still almost thirty seconds per mile off my spring PR and awfully far from my 19-something goal. There are several factors behind this. It’s really hot here in south Texas just now (80 degrees and 90% humidity at race time). It was winding trail run and not a fast paved course. But most of all, I’m clearly not yet back to race shape.

But I think today helped get me there.